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Our Services

Tax Support

Have general questions about getting your taxes done? New Resolution Tax Pro has you covered and are willing to work with you to have all questions answered.

New Business LLC

New Resolution Tax Pro can assist you with creating your new small business. Not sure how to start your business or want step-by-step guides to get your new LLC? We have you covered.

Tax Returns

Not only does New Resolution Tax Pro handle individual tax returns, we also specialize in handling any business tax returns as well. We'll cover all the basis of your business to make sure business is filing correctly.

Tax Preparation

Staying on top of your taxes throughout the year is the best way to limit any tax liabilities. We stay on top of things when comes to our clients. Deadlines and up to date tax credits are what we're best at.

Audit Representation

New Resolution Tax Pro specializes in the audit process where we are highly trained with all IRS audit procedures.

Tax Amendments

Need an amendment to your taxes? New Resolution Tax Pro makes sure you are owed the correct amount on your taxes, limit any liabilities, and we work with you to cover all credits the right way.
What we do

We pride ourselves on assisting our clients in receiving the returns they deserve.